MIR ZUR FEIER sign deal with NOIZGATE Records

Brute poetry: With MIR ZUR FEIER, Bielefeld-based label NOIZGATE Records signs
one of the most important upcoming bands of the female fronted metal scene. The
German four-piece surrounding front-lady Mara Bach has dedicated itself to the dark
side of German poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s works, bringing the lyrics to life with thrilling
death metal riffs: Loud, forceful, earthy, raw and direct! In 2018 MIR ZUR FEIER won
the FemME-Battle, the biggest pan-European competition for female fronted metal
bands, prevailing against all international competitors. And the band is ready to take
off: For 2019 MIR ZUR FEIER are planning their first full-length release with NOIZGATE
Records and a European tour!

MIR ZUR FEIER, roughly translating to “for my celebration”, is by no means display of an
exaggerated tendency of self-adoration among the band’s members. By the name chosen,
the German death metal four-piece, formed in Bielefeld in 2011, rather bows in awe to a
great poet: For “Mir zur Feier” is the title of an early collection of poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke
(1875-1926). So, what does that have to do with death metal? Quite a lot, since Rilke’s
pieces repeatedly cover topics such as death and sorrow, agonizing desire, existential fears
and misery – thus being dead on the genre’s lyrical themes. Vocalist Mara Bach’s
interpretations of the poems, sometimes shouted roughly, sometimes melodically sung,
sometimes spoken, not only bring off the expressiveness of Rilke’s lyrics dead-on. The
power-lady at the microphone regularly sets the pit on fire, when performing live! In 2018 the
band’s triumph at the FemME-Battle in Dutch Eindhoven was an impressive proof that their
concept of combining gloomy poetry with forceful death metal finds international approval as

NOIZGATE Records has had its eye on the four-piece for quite a while: “Ever since MIR ZUR
FEIER appeared on the livestream show of our colleagues at Deafground in 2017 and
released a track on our sampler BRUTAL VISION VOL. 3 later that year, we’ve followed the
band’s career with great interest. As a label from Bielefeld and true to our motto ‘Support
your local scene’ we’re more than happy that our home underground has washed up this
pearl right in front of our doorstep. We see a huge potential in MIR ZUR FEIER and are
convinced that this band will attract quite a bit of international attention in the near future”,
label spokeswoman Annika Tiedemann rejoices over the upcoming collaboration.

And MIR ZUR FEIER are pleased, too, having found the right partner so close-by:
“Sometimes the right thing is staring you directly in the face: When we were searching for a
partner, we ended up back in Bielefeld after having negotiated with different labels”, singer
Mara Bach explains. “With NOIZGATE Records we feel sure to have found the right partner
for us and are thrilled to bring poetry and death metal to the front together from now on.”

For the course of this year, band and label are already planning big: Having self-released two
EPs previously, MIR ZUR FEIER are currently working at full blast on their first full-length
album, which is to be released by NOIZGATE Records later in 2019 – and planning a
European Tour!


07.09. Palma de Mallorca (ES) / Tunnel Rock Club
11.10. Minden (GER) / Papagei
18.10. Charleroi (BE) / MCP-Apache
24.11. Bielefeld (GER) / Forum
30.11. Geneva (CH) / Maison de quartier Villa Tacchini

More dates to be announced.


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