THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME reveal titel, tracklist and artwork of their debut album

“A hardcore-cup with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top, please.”

Just before the 2019 festival season picks up pace, we have some more good news at NOIZGATE Records: Freshly signed to our roster, core combo THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME have just finished their debut album! “ORIGIN” is the title, the five-piece surrounding frontlady Laura Gierl has given the record, which will be in stores from October 04th, 2019. And since that’s still a while, TTAS will be dismissing you into summer with a new single, coming in June!

THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME are at the cutting edge of Germany’s most wacko metal bands: The band, named after famous cartoonist Tex Avery, is hurtling down the highway between modern metal and hardcore in an open convertible on the fast lane, picking up some classic rock influences here and there as they go. So much energy is infectious: A TTAS show will bang harder than a whole cartoon-load of dynamite, is more lunatic than the Looney Tunes, at least as hyperactive and breathless as a pursuit on Roadrunner and full of surprises! No wonder that fans have been looking forward to the band’s first full-length for a while.

And now the time has come: Following their successful debut EP “Wolfcity” (Finest Noise, 2015) THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME are presenting their highly anticipated first full length album “ORIGIN” (Rel. 10/04/2019), serving as much as twelve scoops of the tastiest earcandy. Made from the best ingredients: Electrifying guitar riffs, punchy baselines and raving beats, topped with singer Laura’s rough, deep growls and aggressive, virulent shouts. Just the right thing to raise an appetite for moshing and raging, partying and churning the brain to the heart’s content!

The only thing that’s missing is the whipped cream on top of the ice cream cup? Well, this hardcore sundae is even coming with sprinkles: For with Brock Lindow (36 Crazyfists) and Carl Schwartz (First Blood) two real legends are featured on the record!

And here comes the cherry: “PULLING TEETH (FEAT. BROCK LINDOW)” will be served to you on June 14th, 2019 as a first single from the album, to be found anywhere on the internet where there’s digital music available. Of course the track is coming with a brand new video clip, beautifully drawn by artist Daniel Hartlaub. Bon apétit: Time to enjoy summer!

For prying eyes we will even let you catch a glimpse of the album’s tracklist:
01 – Long Desert Run
02 – Circle Around The Sun
03 – Pundulum
04 – Life Is For The Living
05 – Disillusion
06 – Pulling Teeth (feat. Brock Lindow)
07 – Closure
08 – All Is Not Lost (feat. Carl Schwartz)
09 – Warflower
10 – Rage Gene
11 – Sangre De Mi Padre
12 – Betrayer

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