BRUTAL VISION VOL. 3: And the winners are…

For a good three weeks our 20 candidates have fought in our online voting for a slot on the tracklist of our new sampler BRUTAL VISION Vol. 3. Saturday (06/24/2017) at 10pm sharp the battle was over. The 10 winners were announced that same night during the latest Deafground Live show. And we’ve also drawn the winners of our raffle: Among all voters we’ve tossed up three beautiful surprise bundles containing our first two samplers BRUTAL VISION Vol. 1 & 2, a WATCH OUT STAMPEDE gymbag, a „Life is better up north“ bangle and an elegant black anchor bracelet (both by BLACK MOUNTAIN HERITAGE) and a bunch of sweet little goodies (stickers & picks).

Okay, we won’t put you on the rack any longer! These are the 10 winning bands, resp. tracks:

1. Prior the End – Irukandji
2. Chaos Addict – Solitude (feat. Björn Strid)
3. Like A Mess – Mirror
4. Devotion – Hiraeth
5. Sexx Zömbie – Toy Boy
6. APACHE – Still Don’t Love The Police
7. BACKSIDE – No Hooks
8. NIOR – Nightwalker
9. We Saw Worlds Collide – Chaos
10. SAMARAH – Antivirus

A big thank you goes out to all 20 bands for participating in our voting! And to those 10, who didn’t make it this time: We wish you all the best for your future band carreers!
We kept our fingers crossed for all of your and you’ve made it an exciting race!

Deafground Live – Devotion & Horseman (24.06.2017)


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