NEW BAND SIGNED – Operation Cherrytree

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to our NOIZGATE Records family: Operation Cherrytree. Welcome aboard! 

OPERATION CHERRYTREE, that’s Wyno Sieks, Jansen and CH – four globetrotters, destiny has brought together somewhere in Norway. Lucky enough! For these four have experienced a lot, a lot to tell. And plenty of output!
A good dose of Seattle-Attitude comes with the sound of the quartet. Bay-Area-Nonchalance. A little Texas blues. Life, melancholy, nostalgia. Setting off. Taking risks. Sometimes pissed off, sometimes melancholic, sometimes just beautiful. Always free-spirited, full of passionate riffs, enthralling beats, vibrant grooves and impulsive solo parts. And above all singer Wyno’s magnificent vocals that range from pissed shouts to hypnotizing spoken-word-inputs to bittersweet-epic melodies.

There’s land in sight already: The first album is in the works and planned to be released in the course of this year…
Stay tuned! 


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