BRUTAL VISION VOL. 3: These 20 bands made it to the voting!

‘Core in the name of love’ – true to this motto, NOIZGATE Records will start a third issue of its in-house sampler BRUTAL VISION in 2017. As already indicated by the title, NOIZGATE Records is in search for new (musical) visions. With BRUTAL VISION VOL. III the label wants to share with you the most brutal vision imaginable nowadays: A peaceful togetherness!

BRUTAL VISION VOL. III is planned as a double compilation containing two CDs, featuring songs by well-established NOIZGATE artists such as WATCH OUT STAMPEDE, GRAI, WE ARE WOLF, ALL WILL KNOW oder BURDEN OF LIFE hot newcomers like GrooVenoM or THE LEGION:GHOST and leaving ten open slots for some exciting new musical discoveries to be made. Bands interested in having their track released on our sampler could apply for our online voting until 03/31/1017.

The resonance was overwhelming: In total we counted 317 band applications coming from 16 different countries. That beats all our records so far!

Neun Dickköpfe mit verschiedenen Geschmäckern – eine Entscheidung: Die Jury für BRUTAL VISION VOL. 3 bei der Arbeit!

By now our nine-strong label jury has met – and selected the following 20 finalists to participate in the voting:

Apache (Hardcore, Frankreich)
Backside (Hardcore/ Crossover, Italien)
BattleCat (Alternative Metal, Deutschland)
BingeNinja (Doom, Kanada)
Chaos Addict (Thrash / Alternative, Kroatien)
Devotion (Post-Hardcore, Deutschland)
Dystopolis (Powermetal, Deutschland)
Hydra’s Fate (Powermetal, Deutschland)
Like A Mess (Alternative Rock, Deutschland)
Mind Like Hurricanes (Progressive Metalcore / Djent, Deutschland)
Neverland In Ashes (Modern Metal, Deutschland)
NIOR (Djent, Deutschland)
ONKT (Hardcore, Niederlande)
Prior The End (Alternative Metal, Deutschland)
Rebels + Rivals (Metalcore, Deutschland)
Samarah (Alternative Metal, Deutschland)
Sexx Zömbie (Punkrock, Deutschland)
Towers & Bridges (Metalcore, Deutschland)
Tragedy Of Mine (Metalcore, Deutschland)
We Saw Worlds Collide (Alternative Metal, Deutschland)

The voting will take place online via in connection with Facebook. It will start on 06/01 and run until 06/24/2017, 10 pm. In the end the top ten bands with the most votes will get a slot on the sampler and be introduced in the booklet.

The winners will be announced live on air on 06/24 during the next Deafground livestream on Facebook (with TRAGEDY OF MINE and HORSEMAN).


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