DROWN MY DAY’s “THE GHOST TALES” will make your flesh crawl

DROWN MY DAY will make for a proper gloomy start into this year’s dark season: On their new album “THE GHOST TALES”, coming out on German indie label NOIZGATE Records on 11/16/2018, the deathcore heroes from Krakow deliver ten brand new tingling thrillers that will lay on a nice and creepy atmosphere and send some cold shivers down your spine. Having their fresh new record on board, DROWN MY DAY will accompany DECAPITATED and FRONTSIDE for twelve shows all over Poland in November and December. But don’t panic, you won’t have to wait that long for a sound sample: The first single “BATTLE ROYALE” will be out by the end of this month!

Formed in Krakow in 2006, DROWN MY DAY have long since become an indispensable part of the Polish scene. And with good reason, for whatever stage DROWN MY DAY are playing, the five-piece will set the roof on fire and their furious mixture of modern death metal and technically adept hardcore drives any crowd into a rage!

After a staff turnover on the drums DROWN MY DAY are reporting back to take you on a horror trip – it’s not by accident that the quintet’s second studio album is called “THE GHOST TALES“: Insanely heavy midtempo riffs, reminiscences of doom, death and hardcore and a severe amount of groove make for an appropriately gloomy atmosphere and will make your flesh crawl while front singer Maciej “Groov” Korczak’s deep sepulchral growls lead you into the world of Japanese horror fiction.

“I think that the new album is way more ‘groovier’ and more musically mature than our previous releases. The whole record has probably turned out a bit slower because we’ve been using less blast beats, but that makes the sound even heavier und more powerful”, the singer states.

For prying eyes band and label will let you catch a glimpse of the new album’s artwork and tracklist:
01 – Introvert
02 – Nightmare Becomes Reality
03 – Land Of Misery
04 – Yurei’s Revenge
05 – Carnage
06 – Devil’s Forest
07 – Burn It Down
08 – Battle Royale
09 – Blue Skin
10 – You Will Not Get Rid Of Me

And to shorten the wait until November, the first single „BATTLE ROYALE“, complete with a Hollywood-like video clip, will already be out on 09/28/2018.

Anyone prefering to be taught the meaning of fear by DROWN MY DAY in person, should start booking a trip to Poland: The five-piece will start off their „Knock Out Tour“ alongside DECAPITATED, FRONTSIDE and VIRGIN SNATCH on 11/22/2018, touring their home country for a total of twelve shows. It will be worth the trip!


22.11.2018 – Klub u Bazyla, Poznań (PL)
23.11.2018 – B90, Gdańsk (PL)
24.11.2018 – Peron 5, Szczecin (PL)
25.11.2018 – A2 Centrum Koncertowe, Wrocław (PL)
29.11.2018 – Scenografia, Łódź (PL)
30.11.2018 – Progresja, Warszawa (PL)
01.12.2018 – Klub Gwint, Białystok (PL)
02.12.2018 – Estrada, Bydgoszcz (PL)
06.12.2018 – Kwadrat, Kraków (PL)
07.12.2018 – Pod Palmą, Rzeszów (PL)
08.12.2018 – Klub Graffiti, Lublin (PL)
09.12.2018 – MegaClub, Katowice (PL)


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