Get ready for a fourth round of BRUTAL VISION!!

“Connect Four” – clearly a good reason to play. And good enough a reason for a FOURTH issue of our in-house compilation BRUTAL VISION!! But will it pay off, to keep gambling? Does mankind have another ace up the sleeve, can we go “all in” once more? Or are we about to squander our future?

True to the motto “BORN TO LOOSE?! ♠️ LIVE TO CHANGE!!” we’re looking for new (musical) visions for the world of tomorrow with you!

With the cover design we’re taking our hat off to one of the greatest gamblers the world has ever seen: Let’s rise the curtain for Laura from, Mara from Mir zur Feier and Jenny from Ghosther, with the support of whom we have created our own interpretation of the legendary “Ace Of Spades” cover. Will our future look like this?

You have a band? Your sound has got “something” to do with metal, core, alternative… It’s shredding brutally, anyways? You finally want to be heard because you’ve got something to say??

Get ready to apply for a SLOT on BRUTAL VISION VOL. 4: Applications start on October 1st, 2020!!


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