GROOVENOM release “Pink Lion” again!

On their second album “Pink Lion” the trancecore shooting stars GROOVENOM from Dresden combine heavy Riffs, firering blastbeats and extreme growls with electronic beats, synthie sounds and pop-like singing parts. The guys themselves call this mixture “Modern Death Pop” and definitely have everything you need to bring the moshpit AND the dancefloor to boil! The second record of the guys from Dresden is released today as a Special Edition in a newly designed Digipack with four bonus songs, additional to the 12 album tracks.

You can listen to the title track in the video here:

The Tracklist:

  1. Venom in Veins
  2. Traitors to the Scene
  3. New Wave of Mainstream
  4. Bright Nights
  5. Metal King
  6. Unbeliever
  7. Masquerade
  8. Crumbling Facade
  9. Pink Lion
  10. Walking on Shards
  11. Generation Porn
  12. Apartment 69 (feat. Jason Melidonie)
  13. Deadbeat
  14. Traitors to the Scene (Candlelight-Edit)
  15. NWOM (Brutal Party Remix)
  16. Pink Lion (Brutal Party Remix)

You can buy the record here:


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