Rilke Would Dig Death Metal: Mir zur Feier Present Their Second Album “Nachtwächter”

MIR ZUR FEIER are back – with a brand-new album in tow! The melodeathers from Bielefeld have titled their second full-length album “Nachtwächter” and it will be released exclusively on vinyl via NOIZGATE Records on May 10, 2024. For a prelistening of the new songs tune in on the obwyse Kulturfoyer on April 24.

Dark lyrics, heavy riffs, and a powerful voice, the fusion of gloomy poetry and ruthlessly brutal sound: That is MIR ZUR FEIER! The melodeathers from Bielefeld have made it their trademark to set the texts of poet Rainer Maria Rilke to music. Thanks to the explosive performances of frontwoman Mara Bach, the concept has been highly celebrated live, as the trio has proven with numerous international shows, including winning the FemME-Battle in 2018, Europe’s largest contest in the field of female-fronted metal. Their critically acclaimed debut album “Mir zur Feier” was released in November 2019 via NOIZGATE Records.

Though the pandemic made it seem like things had quieted down for the rising stars, MIR ZUR FEIER have been anything but idle. They used the Corona period well, focusing intensely on the songwriting and production of their second studio album. The Bielefeld-based band has named their new work “Nachtwächter” and it will be released on May 10, 2024, as an exclusive vinyl release in black, white, and transparent editions in a stylish gatefold via NOIZGATE Records.

Content-wise, MIR ZUR FEIER explore the boundaries and transitions between extremes like “life” and “death”: “Just as the night watchman walks the line between day and night, the 10 songs on the album deal with seemingly irreconcilable opposites,” explains singer Mara Bach. “Light and darkness, madness and sanity, society and solitude, beauty and horror. Where is the boundary? Where does one start, and the other end?”

Musically, “Nachtwächter” represents a consistent evolution from the band’s 2019 debut: Alongside complex song structures, the heavy sound walls and especially Bach’s virtuosic vocal power stand out, featuring unleashed screams and brutal growls as well as powerful clean vocals. The fine balance between drama and catchy tunes makes the ten tracks on “Nachtwächter” both theatrical and danceable, furious and pit-ready, challenging, intense, brutal, and melodic. The album’s dynamic production, once again helmed by Roland Wiegner (Tonmeisterei Oldenburg), is also impressive.

If you’re now curious, look forward to the obwyse Kulturfoyer on April 24: Mara & Co. will present “Nachtwächter” live – in its entirety! You can join from 7 PM (CET) at; afterwards, you’ll find the video on obwyse’s YouTube channel. Tune in!

Here’s a sneak peek at the tracklist:
01 – Prolog
02 – Ein jeder Engel
03 – Der Wahnsinn
04 – Gethsemane
05 – Jede Nacht
06 – Nachtwächter
07 – Metall & Glas
08 – Einsamkeit
09 – Der Ritter
10 – Epilog


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