On Course Towards the Sun: All Will Know Release Fourth Studio Album “Parhelion”

Seven years after “Infinitas,” All Will Know are releasing their fourth studio album: The Darmstadt-based melodic metallers’ new oeuvre is titled “Parhelion” and will be released on April 19, 2024, via NOIZGATE Records.

ALL WILL KNOW have been stirring up the metal scene for almost 15 Years and have long since made a name for themselves as quite an institution. With their innovative and contemporary melodic metal, the five-piece from Darmstadt stands out like few other German bands. Three successful longplayers give impressive proof of the band’s expeditions towards the limits of what is possible in terms of music, each time bringing to light new influences that make the quintet’s sound so unique: progressive song structures and melodic riff walls meet with death metal elements, electronic influences, plenty of old-school attitude, and a massive sound!

With their fourth studio album “Parhelion”, ALL WILL KNOW once again embark on a musical exploration. The 11 brand new songs plus bonus track are multifaceted, complex – and still incredibly catchy. Brute shouts contrasting with harmonic two-part vocals, melodious hooks and whizzy riffs that will let you discover something new each time, no matter how often you listen to the tunes, make for close to an hour of heady metal indulgence!

Check out the tracklist below:
01 – Losing the Anchor
02 – Trickle Down
03 – Parhelion
04 – New Streams Of Liberty
05 – Mousetrap Liberty
06 – Casting Shadows
07 – Bloodlust As An Interlude
08 – Puppeteering
09 – Acts Of A Liar
10 – Keepsakes & Serenades
11 – To Be Continued
12 – Bonustrack: Trickle Down (Radio Edit)


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