OPERATION CHERRYTREE: New Frontwoman Jules Takes over the Microphone!

OPERATION CHERRYTREE return with a change of staff on the microphone: From now on, singer Jules is taking the lead in the travel-loving band!

When Operation Cherrytree made waves with their debut album “Scum and Honey” in 2017, the four-member alternative group already had an extraordinary story to tell. Guitarist Sieks, drummer Carstensson, bassist Jansen, and (ex-)singer Wyno met in the middle of nowhere – in Norheimsund, Norway, to be precise. It was pure chance, as all four were on separate self-discovery road trips through the Scandinavian wilderness when their paths crossed. The rest, as they say, is history. The men not only got along well but were also all skilled musicians. The band was born.

But as life often goes, things change unexpectedly. In this case, it was for frontman Wyno, who discovered a passion for visual arts during the Covid-19 pandemic and realized he could express himself better with a paintbrush than with a microphone. No problem, because luckily, singer Jules stepped in as a worthy successor. And her crystal-clear vocals elevate Operation Cherrytree’s sound to a whole new level!

Curious to hear how it sounds? Great! We have a listening tip for you. For her debut, Operation Cherrytree give their new frontwoman the spotlight: Jules, accompanied only by Sieks on the acoustic guitar, live at the obwyse Kulturfoyer. Get ready for some goosebumps!


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