BRUTAL VISION Vol. 4: Release Date, Tracklist, and Artwork

“Welcome to Dystopia?! // Welcome to Utopia!?” is the theme for the fourth edition of the BRUTAL VISION compilation series. Not utopic at all, though, is our new sampler’s brilliantly versatile line-up: We’ve united a total of 33 bands and artists from 7 different countries on the double sampler, including the ten winners of the online voting from May 2021. Here, you’ll find all the details about the release date, tracklist, and artwork.

The Whole World at a Crossroads
What (musical) visions do we have for our future? This is the crucial question that our in-house compilation series BRUTAL VISION revolves around. With Volume 4, humanity stands at a crossroads, at a point where we still have the choice of how we want to shape our future and thus the future of our planet. Either we succeed in steering the course in time – or we don’t if we continue living at the expense of our environment. This uncompromising either/or situation is the inspiration for the concept of BRUTAL VISION Volume 4.

This motto sets the program! The two CDs of the double sampler reflect the contrasting perspectives on the future:

What if our planet runs out of breath one day? CD 1 paints a dystopian scenario where the future turns into a nightmare! It probably sounds like this: dark, hard, uncompromising, and damn evil.

But what if we pull the ripcord in time? This vision on CD 2 is a utopia, a distant place of longing filled with progressive, alternative, powerful, and melodic sounds?

An Exquisit International Line-Up
With a total of 33 bands and artists from 7 different countries, the tracklist of BRUTAL VISION Volume 4 delivers an exciting cross-section of various metal genres. In addition to songs by well-known NOIZGATE artists such as MIR ZUR FEIER, whose frontwoman Mara Bach graces the cover artwork, DROWN MY DAY, BURDEN OF LIFE, GRAI, and ALL WILL KNOW, the tracklist also features the ten winners of the online voting from May 2021, exciting new discoveries like DISROOTED, CEREBRAL INVASION, and DISTRACTION, as well as plenty of acoustic treats from BURY ME ALIVE and CRITICAL MESS. And with the British artist NIKA TIMOS, we allow ourselves the by now almost traditional outbreak from the metal genre.

Sampler to be Released This Year
And to build the anticipation even more, we’re already announcing the release date: BRUTAL VISION Volume 4 will be out on November 26, 2021, through our sister label Deafground Records.

Excited? Well, here’s the tracklist to whet your appetite:

01 – MIR ZU FEIER – Totentanz
02 – CRITICAL MESS – Generation Fork
03 – HORSEMAN – Kissing Dirt
04 – LEECHCRAFT – Purgatory
05 – KRATR – Schwarzferber
06 – APAVA – Venom
07 – DROWN MY DAY – Battle Royale
08 – DISTRACTION – Generation Why
09 – CHARGER – Automatical War
10 – CEREBRAL INVASION – Public Execution
11 – ERASEMENT – Black Mass
12 – RESTRUCTIVE – Rabbit In My Head
13 – THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME – Circle Around The Sun
14 – SUDDEN DECAY – Judas
15 – PSYCHO TOASTER – Lights Out
16 – LINSEED – Enemy

01 – GRAI – Song Of Dead Water
02 – BURDEN OF LIFE – Pisces
03 – KINGS WINTER – Forging The Cataclysm
04 – ALL WILL KNOW – Stain The White
05 – LONE SURVIVORS – Lost in My Mind
06 – ATHORNINSIDE – No Escape
07 – DISROOTED – Dionysus Wings
08 – ALQEMISTE – Lunatic
09 – BURY ME ALIVE – No Regrets
10 – ENDEAVOUR – Island Of Sirens
11 – EXPOSED TO NOISE – The Ocean
12 – DEATH BY DISSONANCE – Traktat Eines Zweifelnded
13 – NEMOREUS – Mountain High
14 – METALMIND – Stading Tall
16 – GHOSTHER – H.O.P.E.
17 – NIKA TIMOS – Crash


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