Groovenom are back!

On September 9th our Shootingstars from Dresden will release their new single “Hallo Welt”!!

“Hallo Welt” will be a digital only release with three brand new songs. To not keep you on tenterhooks any longer, here is the tracklist:

01 – Hallo Welt
02 – Stay Awesome!
03 – Hallo Welt (Qoiet Remix)

You can find detailed information below.
We are excited!!

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We’re very happy to present you ‘HALLO WELT’ (engl. ‘HELLO WORLD’), the new single of our trancecore shooting stars GROOVENOM!

The sextet from Dresden pursues a clear vision in terms of music: Stylish, rhythmic, heavy and most of all danceable – GROOVENOM manage the balancing act between deathcore and pop music! And so far the band can look back on an eventful year: Successfully re-releasing their album ‘PINK LION’ (Rel. 04/08/2016) they celebrated the start of their collaboration with NOIZGATE Records and have played major events such as this year’s With Full Force Festival.

With their new single ‘HALLO WELT’ GROOVENOM are upping the ante again now, presenting themselves – for the first time with a song written in German language – from an unusually gloomy, mature side. The titeltrack ‘Hallo Welt’, featuring some djenty grooves, dubstep breakdowns and a powerful, yet melancholic hook, makes the split between pathos and party. The message: Believe in your goals – you’re the only one responsible for your life, so go and make something out of it! Moreover, with the funky ‘Stay Awesome’ the single contains another brand new song. And the cherry to top the cake off with is a fabulous cooperation between GROOVENOM and mysterious sound fetishist Qoiet, ultimately sounding out the limits between heavy guitar- and electronic dance music: ‘Hallo Welt’ in the ‘Qoiet Remix’ – a disturbingly gloomy, postmodern, spaced-out dubstep hell ride!

“Hallo Welt” will be released on September 9th as a digital only release via NOIZGATE Records.


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